About Revenue Share

RevenueSha.re is an OpenVideo.tech project trying to make it easier for creatives, non-profits and other collaborators to easily and safely create revenue-sharing plans for little/no cost.

We do this thru three layers:

  • Revenue Sharing Language (RSL): a new YAML-subtytpe syntax to describe Revenue Sharing plans in a human and machine readable way.
  • Cascade: a drag and drop interface to create RSL agreements. There are both framework-free native-JS and a Svelte-JS version.
  • CiviSplit: a suite of three CiviCRM extensions to save, process and payout RSL agreements:
    • Agreement Builder integrates Cascade, with save/edit, Civi contact lookup, reporting, viewing and fixing agreements.
    • Processor calculates who is owed what, and could be used for manual entry and integration with other systems/extensions.
    • Uphold is the payment processor integration with Uphold to create a dedicated payee account, generate a custom ILP address, check balances and make payouts to payees.

You can see these in action below in a presentation, by Matthew Wire taken from the December 2021 Grant for the Web skillshare:

What exactly does CiviSplit do?

  1. Setup multi-step pro-rata & pari-passu revenue sharing…
    Supporting a succession of fixed and percentage payouts from a specific payee address.
  2. Store agreements in a human and machine readable syntax…
    Revenue Sharing Language (RSL) is a YAML-subtype describing multi-step, multi-payee revenue plans.
  3. Create with a drag-and-drop user-friendly Javascript app…
    RSL agreements are built through an intuitive builder, Cascade, available in native-JS and Svelte.js.
  4. Generate agreements with SHA-hash signature to prevent future changes…
    RSL agreements form the basis for payouts, so once securely hashed prevent future changes.
  5. Collect income for each agreeement at a dedicated sub-account with its own Payment Pointer
    Each agreement has it’s own sub-account and payment address (Uphold only).
  6. Calculate, make, track and report on payouts in CiviCRM…
    CiviCRM (available for over ½ of world’s websites) extensions manage agreements, payees and payments with notifications and reporting.



And thanks to Dave Boyle of the Community Shares Unit and Aidan Saunders for their input.