Install CiviCRM for your CMS (if you haven’t already)

After installing a CMS following their instructions, you will need to download and install the appropriate CiviCRM build for your CMS from using the following instructions:

Important note

CiviCRM is a large multi-function CRM with higher server requirements than many hosts offer, and a slower upgrade process than most CMS extensions. CRMs are much bigger and more demanding than CMSs - and require time and technical confidence to setup and maintain (although you don’t need to be a coder). If you don’t feel confident, you could contact one of the CiviCRM partners listed here.

Install the extensions

Manually download and install the following three extensions, using the CiviCRM extensions installer guide for manual installation (the location of the extensions folder willl vary with each CMS).

The extensions separate the functionality - if you just want to build and save agreements you only need Agreement Builder. If you want to handle payouts maually you should be able to install just Agreement Builder and Processor. However most testing has been done with all three extensions running, so that’s the recommended setup.

CiviSplit Agreement Builder

Minimum extension required to generate and save RSL agreements. Download from If you only want to create, save and share RSL agreements you can do this with just the Agreement Builder.

CiviSplit Processor

Required in addition to calculate payouts (for offline payment):

CiviSplit Uphold Payments

Required in addition to process payouts and get a balance from Uphold:

In addition to requiring an API key from Uphold, you need to install a number of extra dependencies such as the Uphold SDK. You can install by running the following command from the civisplit-uphold directoryy:

composer install

This requires you to have Composer running on your server, which is a dependency manager for PHP used widely in Drupal 9+ (more info).

After installation

After enabling the extensions, if everything is successful, there will be a new menu in your main CiviCRM menu bar: CiviSplit.

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